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Curious about the world of pole?

What is pole dance?

Modern pole dancing is a form of dance and fitness, originating from strip clubs in the 70's and 80's. As new "tricks" were developed, strippers began teaching each other and some eventually went on to open the very first pole dancing studios in the late 90's - early 00s. Since then, pole dancing has continued to gain momentum. We pay homage to the roots of our amazing art form, acknowledging the people who created what we know and love today as pole dancing.

What classes should I take as a Beginner?

Beginner classes are the perfect place to start on your pole journey. Once you've attended a few of these, make sure you give our Intro to Dance a try! We also recommend trying our Conditioning & Stretch classes for a special focus on fitness, strength and flexibility. 

How do I join?

Joining is as easy as booking in through our booking system, MindBody. You'll need to create an account (online or through the MindBody app) and choose a pass or membership option, then begin booking in your classes!

What should I wear and bring to class?

  • A singlet and shorts (as short as possible) for once you are warmed up. We do not recommend wearing leggings as you will be unable to do a lot of moves that require leg grip!

  • A water bottle

  • Optional: socks and kneepads for sliding around during floorwork

What should I expect at my first class?

When you arrive, you will see seating by the front door which you are welcome to relax in before your class. You will also find to the left our reception/shop area, which you are welcome to peruse as you wait.


We have two studios; Jezebel (the white room) has 8 poles and the Lilith (the green room) has 9 poles. We have a changing area with a changing room, lockers and a separate toilet. These are located through the door down the back of Jezebel. Please make sure you get changed before your class begins.


Your class will begin with a warm up to get your body ready for moving. Your instructor will then teach you some fun new tricks. At the end of class you will have a gentle and relaxing cool down to stretch out all those muscles you have activated!

Where to find us?

Address: Hyde Park Complex Unit D7, 61 Marsden Street, Melling, Lower Hutt 5010

There is  plenty of free on street parking on Marsden Street or Bridge Street. Please ensure you park on the street and walk in.


If entering from Marsden Street, look out for the Hyde Park billboards. Follow the buildings straight to the back (please be wary of cars) – we are the second to last unit: D7.

If entering from Bridge Street, look out for the drive way to the left of Hutt Auto Service. Go up the driveway and then turn left, follow the buildings to the end.

NOTE: Marsden St entrance is currently blocked by construction, please enter from Bridge Street.

Marsden St.png
Bridge St.png

Stay up to date on announcements and events, follow other students and instructor's content and progress, and engage with our little community!

Cancellation policy

We appreciate that things can come up last minute however we encourage you to plan ahead of time where possible in order to allow other students the opportunity to attend classes.

If you need to cancel your class, you can cancel up to 4 hours prior to your class and keep your class pass credit. 

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