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pole classes

Pole classes are levelled and follow a curriculum to ensure students learn at the appropriate level of skill and ability



Perfect for anyone starting on their pole journey, no experience required! You will learn basic tricks, spins and floorwork while building strength and confidence.


inter fundamentals

This class is focused on learning fundamental inverted moves, ensuring you have core Intermediate moves down packed before moving up to Intermediate.



You will learn a wider range of tricks and transitions up the pole. You will continue to build strength and stamina through longer combos and more challenging transitions.


inter plus

A mixed level class for Intermediate level and up. The class will include Intermediate content with progressions and variations for higher level students.



You will be working towards more challenging tricks and transitions. You will continue building strength and stamina through longer aerial combos.



Self guided training time for you to work on what you've learned in class, or film some epic content for the gram!

movement classes

Movement classes introduce the use of dance skills and choreography


intro to dance

If you are new to pole, this class is designed to ease you in gently. While still working on the basics, you'll learn how to integrate these through a mini choreographed routine.



Once you have a handle on the basics, you'll learn some more challenging dance tricks and transitions through a choreographed routine, with a focus on musicality.



Basework is a class that focuses on flow around the lower third of the pole. You will learn more technical tricks and transitions, then apply these through a choreographed routine.



Learn fundamental floor moves used in most floor combos alongside more challenging transitions. You will then get to slink your way through a mini floor sequence.

conditioning & stretch classes

Fitness-based classes with a specific focus on developing strength and flexibility. Think of this as a blend between a gym class, yoga and pilates!


c&s - splits

You will be working on your splits in this class (or your over-split, you high achiever)! Each week you will work on a different split (rotating between front splits, middle splits and pancake straddles). There will be variations for all levels so no experience is required to start!


c&s - back

You will be working on your back and shoulder flexibility in this class. Each week you will work on conditioning your body for a different pose (such as camel, bridge, chest stand, needlescale and forearm stand). There will be variations for all levels so no experience is required to start!


c&s - full body

You will be working on developing flexibility in your upper and lower body in this class. Each week you will work on conditioning your body for a different pose (such as side tilts, penche, needlescales and standing splits). There will be variations for all levels so no experience is required to start


c&s - circuit

A fitness based class with a focus on developing strength for aerial lifts and holds.


The circuit will have 6 stations:

2x abs

2x shoulder/back

1x legs

1x active recovery


c&s - prehab

Optimise injury prevention and build pole-specific strength through bodyweight and resistance band exercises. You'll enjoy a full body workout before melting into a full body stretch. Bonus (especially during the colder months) - you can keep all of your clothes on!


We have many options for those who would like to train outside of scheduled classes


private lesson

Polishing up a routine to perform or want to focus on something in particular 1 on 1? Book a private with your favourite instructor!


studio hire

Hire the studio for personal or commercial use*:
Self training
Performance prep
Filming (creating content / competition entries)
Teach a class / workshop
*Price will depend on reason for hire.

Contact us to enquire


pole parties

A popular choice for Bachelorette parties, birthdays and team events. Pole parties are a fun way to bring friends together to discover the world of pole dancing in the privacy of our beautiful studio. 


We have over 35+ classes to choose from every week!

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